Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Number plates

Number Plates
Answer -
Why do we have number plates on cars?
So when so one dose  something to your car you can go to the
What was the game they played in the car?
The game that William’ and Charlotte’
Was playing was the number plant game.
What colour was the car that had a G on the number plate?
The colour of the car that crash into as was the  white.
Why was it important they got the white cars number plate?
Because so they car can go to the
Police and tell them that they
Have crashed our car.

Complete the sentences by filling in the missing words.
P.4 Best of all, William like reading number plates.
P. 6 One Sunday morning, all the family went swimming.
P. 7 “We need some milk , and I want a Sunday paper,” said Dad.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

making pan pipes

Today on tuesday the 24th october 2017 we made pan pipes first thing we did is we got a straw and cardboard and scissors and sellotape.  We had to cut the straws different lengths.. We had to put the 8 straws on top of the cardboard and then we sellotaped over the straw and then we cut a point at one end of the straws. We made sounds and it sounded very cool. I enjoyed doing it. I learnt that different length straws made different sounds.