Thursday, 29 November 2018

non camper Recount

Last week on Tuesday most people from the year 6 block were gone to Kawau Island because its was our last time to be in the year 6 block.

I didn't go to camp because sometimes I wake up late and the time I come early to school is at 8 am so that's why i didn't go camp.

On Tuesday we went to the beach to get some clay and also some shells to decorate our art. We came back with our shell's and clay then we got a big paper each and then we got Mr Goodwin's coffee that smells nice

Next we all got into teams in my team was Anna, Naomi, Liliana and Jazzelle. Also we put the coffee in one thing from someone's tote tray to put hot water with the coffee and then mix it all together and crunched up the big paper. Then we opened it up and got a paint brush and paint it  ones we have finished painting it we did some drawing like stick man and animals and on Friday it was a great day. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2018


Introduction: (5 W’s - Who, What, When, Where, Why)

Today Room 6 literacy class had an experiment outside our classroom.  We made a balloon shuttle
with our buddies. To see how fast our balloon worked.

First Mrs Sio gave us instructions that wasn’t a bit clear to some of us.  We had to pick our small
groups and head outside to do an experiment.

Next we walked outside in the cold with our group, it was freezing!  We took a chair and were given
a small paper envelope. Inside it was a balloon, a straw and string.  We tied the string to the chair.
We then blew up the balloon, we tried to put the string inside the straw.  It was tricky. We then had to
find sellotape to stick our straw to our balloon.

Our balloon had a hole in it, we then got a new balloon and tried it again.  

End: (What happened, what did I think?)
Lastly we had to pack up and head back to class.  Most of the students experiments worked. Some
were epic fails.   I think this experiment could’ve been better if we had bigger balloons.  Or if we can
try it again.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Going on a trip

Recount Plan
  1. Plan a recount about an unusual event you have witnessed.

Title:   Going on a trip
Introduction/Orientation: (Who, When, Where, Why)

Today Room 6 literally class walked around the school to go to the toilet and explore To find something unusual. And it was disgusting want me nevaeh madison and  brooklyn saw In the toilet was some underwears in own of the toilets.
Events: (What things happened?)

On a summer day room 6 literally went to go and line up outside in a beautiful line And wait for mrs sio for her instruction.
We were walking through the hallway and we got to the
Toilets me nevaeh madison and brooklyn went inside the toilet and we went in and out two times because
It stinks so bad. and brooklyn saw some undies lying
On the floor.

Show time

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

on the holidays

In the holidays I was at my cousin’s and my other cousin’s was there as well we had a Water squirt on the trampoline. after a while some of my other cousin came as well to play with us because we were a little bit Bord. a couple of days later my Cousin name skye, went back home because she was going shopping like clothes and more stuff me and my other cousin name zlya, had another water squirt in the afternoon we had burgers for Dinner and went on tik tok when we went to sleep it was morning what I had for breakfast was nurture gran and zlya had chocolate milo Me zlya and my papa and also zlyas, dog Came as well we went inside the van and went to panmure to go to fulson to make some slime inside the kit there was glue paint sticks borax and a measuring cup We went up top of the shed it was so cool Up there making slime the end of my story.