Wednesday, 15 March 2017

About Camp

It was year 5 and 6 camp for three days.  We stayed on the grass at school. We slept  for 2 nights in a tent.  It was fun sleeping in the tent but it was hard to go sleep because too many people around us were talking. We were split into groups.  I was in the Generals.  With the Generals we practised our concert item. We went kayaking at the beach. I was afraid to go in the water but then I wasn’t because I got on a kayak. It was fun. We played with the rollerblades and scooters. I played table tennis and basketball.  We were against the Captains at Killer Zone.  We threw the water balloons at the other team. The Captains won the first round and we won the second round. We went to Mangere Pools on Friday. When we first hopped into the pool  I was cold but then I went out and went back in again.  It felt nice the next time when I dived under the water.

My highlight was dancing at the concert.  We made a dance to the song We are one (Ole Ola).  

Thank you to Mr Somerville, Miss Timmi and Mrs Buchanan and the rest of the teachers who helped us at camp.  Even some parents helped at the pools.

At camp I learnt to try new things and not be scared of new things like kayaking.